Jaguar Car Models and their Characteristics

Jaguar has been in the vehicle manufacturing industry for decades, and it is only fair to say that they have gotten better over the years. They have expanded from luxury models to sports and supercars. More recently, they have begun building SUVs. They have both mainstream and high-end models, all of which set owners apart from the rest in their class.

Here are some of the best Jaguar offers. Disclaimer: Picking the ‘Best’ from a Jaguar collection is quite the task; you might miss your favourite model on this list.


Jaguar is renowned for its performance and design. Now they are adding technology to the mix. This pick from their range of SUVs is available as a plug-hybrid in line with the latest technology. It has a lovely exterior and a very spacious interior.

It is very fuel-efficient and has very low carbon emission levels. An 11-inch touchscreen and voice control make it easy to navigate all infotainment controls while driving.

2022 Jaguar F-type

This ‘throwback type’ sportscar comes with a 5.0-litre V8 engine and horsepower ranges between 444 and 575. It screams elegance with a long hood, a black exterior trim, and an extra 20-inch wheelset. The exhaust system is active, and the rear brakes are larger, making it great to handle.


The Jaguar XF is another tech-inspired model with mild-hybrid technology. It has three variants- Jaguar XF, Jaguar XF R-Dynamic and Jaguar XF R-Dynamic. It has a diesel range. This beautiful beast has a chrome exterior and either alloy or diamond turn 18/19” wheels.

2021 Jaguar E-Pace

This turbocharged 4-cylinder engine crossover is one of the ‘humble’ Jaguar models, but it still has so much to offer. If you are looking for a ‘manly’ car, then this is it. Its easy handling is one of its most admirable features. There are 246 and 296 horsepower variants. Its 2.0-litre engine is not bad for a four-wheel-drive small SUV.

2021 Jaguar F-type

This is a coupe or convertible two-seater sports car. It has supercharged engines- either a 380 horsepower VF or a 575 horsepower. An earlier 296 horsepower four-cylinder engine model is also available. With a mildly menacing look, this car does not scream in the street like a formula one style car would. But its silent performance will leave you enthralled. It is great to handle with an agility that maintains impressive stability when taking sharp corners.

2021 Jaguar XF

Another crossover from Jaguar. Their experiments with such cars are proving to be really exciting. This mid-sized rear-drive car has a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that has helped Jaguar to slash the cost of acquiring one. It has a 2-2 litre engine and 247-horsepower.

Jaguar’s range of cars keeps improving with every new release. The fact that they are so open to incorporating teach in their new models is one reason they will stay ahead of most of their competition. Whether you are on a reasonable budget or looking to splash some cash, there’s an awesome Jaguar model to fit your bill.