How to Acquire old Jaguars in Casino-Style Competitions

Some old Jaguar models are pretty hard to own in the present day. For many of them, only a few pieces were built. Others are owned by keepers who have no intention of letting them go. This makes most of them pricey and out of many people’s range.

Every now and then, one of these powerful beauties goes up for sale. But you won’t get it directly as most of these cars are auctioned for charity.

Casino Type Auction

Some auctions do not go in the highest bidder format. Instead, they are done in a raffle style. Just like the bonus is not reserved for a specific casino player, these cars can be owned by anyone. Interested parties place their bids, and the winner walks away with the prize.

However, anyone can stand a chance of winning the ultimate prize while getting a piece of the casino action.

This format differs from a conventional raffle in that the tickets are not sold at a fixed price. This is to avoid limiting the size of donation that one makes to charity. Therefore, people entering the competition are not just interested in the vehicle but also in the spirit to donate.

If you are a Jaguar enthusiast, this is one of the few chances you get to own a classic Jaguar. And you don’t have to spend over the top. Even if you do not have a charitable heart, you can channel your gambler heart and throw your hat into the ring. After all, we always win some and lose some.