Cool Games that You Can Play in Your Jaguar

Jaguar enthusiasts are always up for a good time with their beautiful cars. When they are not attending expos, they are probably taking long drives and exploring new terrain—always trying to test the cars’ limits.

If that describes you, there are always other ways you can make the time spent in the car more exciting.

Number Plate Game

When you are driving with your others, you can keep them excited and active by playing the number plate game with them. This can be done in several ways. For instance, you can have the passengers identify the years of the cars you overtake or the area where they are from. Alternatively, you can assign a plate to each passenger. They then ‘own’ each car of their year that they spot, and you see who owns most cars at the end.

Online Casino Games

When you make stops and have to stay in the car (this will often occur, especially if you take the family with you), you can enjoy online casino games on your mobile. You can take advantage of the mFortune bonus offer to sample new games or attempt to earn real money.

Many new models of the Jaguar brand have screens where you can cast the game from your phone. There are many privileges to enjoy throughout the journey!

You can also play the alphabet game, where you can name as many words as possible for every road sign you see. The game changes the alphabet letter when you see a different letter sign.

Name the artist or singer every time a new song comes on. Do you have other games that you have invented or learned? Please share them with us!